Iana Novac - Biography

Born in the Republic of Moldova, in Chisinau, the capital city of the country, on October 24th, 1983, Iana started her career at a very young age. She was 5 years old when she started taking piano lessons, learning to master this instrument and acquiring important skills in singing. She always wanted to be a singer; she only followed the path God gave her.

"I was singing all the time, because this was and is the main sense of my life.".

For 11 years, she studied piano, as the main instrument of study, at the Music High School in Chisinau. In 2000, she managed to win a study scholarship from the Romanian Presidency; she moved to Bucharest, where she graduated "Dinu Lipatti" Music High School, classic canto class.
She continued to study classic canto at the Music University in Bucharest, Music Interpreting Faculty, where she graduated in 2005.

As a singer, Iana won many national and international prices, in contests and festivals around the world:
- Special Price "Trophy Constellation" – Barlad, Romania, year 2000;
- First Price – Navodari, Romania, year 2000;
- Third Price "First audition melody" – Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, year 2000;
- "Banks of Prut river" Trophy - Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, year 2000;
- Third Price in "Aurelian Andreescu" Competition – Bucharest, Romania, year 2000;
- First Price in "May flowers" Competition – Slobozia, Romania, year 2001;
- Third Price "Trophy Constellation" – Barlad, Romania, year 2001;
- First Price in "Youth Trophy" Competition – Amara, Romania, year 2001;
- Special Price and Press Price in "Vladimir Ivasiuk" Competition – Cernauti, Ukraine, year 2001;
- Third Price in "Delphic Games" – Breansk, Russia, year 2002;
- Special Price "Haricleea Darclee" – Braila, Romania, year 2002;
- Diploma "Special merits in promoting culture", offered by the Ministry of Culture from Republic of Moldova, year 2004;
- Diploma "Remarkable Successes in Art", offered by the Ministry of Culture from Republic of Moldova, year 2004;
- Special Price in "Delphic Games" Competition – Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, year 2005;
- Third Price "Slavianski Bazar" – Vitebsk, Byelorussia, year 2005;
- "The best evolution in Republic of Moldova" Price, offered by the TV Channel "EURO TV", year 2005;
- Second Price and Public`s Price in Eurovision Romania Competition, next to "Distinto" band, year 2011;
- "The Golden voice over the Prut" Price, received at the "Successful Woman of the year" Gala, Romania, year 2011;
- The price for originality in music, received at the "Performance and Excellence" Gala, Romania, year 2018;
- Merit Emblem, "Partner for Defense", awarded by the Ministry of Defense of Romania, year 2022.

Other accomplishments:
- Miss Moldova Sach – 2000;
- Finalist in Miss Italia nel Mondo 2001 – Salsomagiore, Italy;
- Member in A.S.I.A. Band, 2003-2006.

- 2005 – "Sha-na-na" with A.S.I.A. Band (Media Pro)
- 2009 – "Distinto", on the Distinto Band Album (Cat Music);
- 2010 – "Comme h`o fatto", with Francesco Napoli (Universal, Germany);
- 2010 – "Open your eyes"