Pop-Opera singer, Ianna Novac, is the artist who changed the course of the Romanian music industry. In 2010, after her success with A.S.I.A band, in which she was part for almost 3 years, she starts again on a new career path and revolutionizes the music industry approaching pop-opera style, a brand new style in Romania, being the soprano who opened up this way.

With an educational background in classical canto and countless national and international awards, Ianna is a soprano who can easily approach/handle genres as opera, operetta and also pop, the latest being the one renowned for.

Being an electric scenic presence and having an incredible voice, Ianna represents one of the most successful and required sopranos. Originally from Chișinău, Moldova, Ianna Novac has began her training since she was 5, when she started studying the piano as a pupil at "Ciprian Porumbescu" Musical High-school from Chișinău.

In 2000 she received "Presidential Scholarship for Studies" for exceptional results offered by the President of Romania from that time, Emil Constantinescu, and so it begins her education in classical music (in 11th grade) at "Dinu Lipatti" Musical High-school in Bucharest.

Then she graduates from the Conservatory in Bucharest bel canto studies, Classical Canto specialization.

Her great passion has always been music and as she is saying: "I started singing even before talking. I was singing all the time...just as I`m doing now". At 13, she starts studying Canto...., at 14 she records first songs in the studio, attend guest TV shows and wins first trophies, awards and medals in national and international competitions.

Ianna Novac was a member of A.S.I.A band, but her artistic profile and her classical education were waiting for a turnaround. After graduating from Conservatory, Ianna Novak launches the special project called "Pop-Opera", in which she combines her two new passions: pop music, that led her to popularity, and classical music - opera, she had fallen in love meanwhile.

The launch took place at Pallace Hall in Bucharest, through a grandiose concert next to the great tenor, Alessandro Safina.

Ianna launches her first pop-opera album called "Open your eyes", albums which was sold in a few weeks. Then she launches a new album featuring Francesco Napoli in Germany with the "Universal Music" recording studio, called "Come ho fatto", which became a great success, the song being broadcast by most of the European radios. Her soulful collaboration remains with Distinto, with whom she wins the first place and audience vote at Eurovision Romania in 2011, followed by thousands of shows.

Her international recognition comes once she launches "Una furtiva lagrima" videoclip, which is taken by Classical Musux TV from London and broadcast in 122 countries, including America and Canada.

Ianna Novac had concerts in Italy, France, Germany, Israel, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, UK, Greece, Russia, Spain, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, having more than 1.000 concerts by now, being successful in Romania and abroad and singing on the largest stages next to greatest orchestras and conductors.

She got on the stage at more than 1.000 concerts and attended more than 1.500 radio and TV shows. Her musical productions are spectacular working with the best composers and orchestra men of the moment. As a reward of her work, in 2019 she receives "Excellence in Music reward" offered by Performance and Excellence Gala in Bucharest.

As a result of her artistic work over time, she gets the audience award "The voice over Prut" at "Success Gala" in 2010, an award for her exceptional singing abilities and for bringing classical music dressed up with modern rhythms in the Romanian music industry.